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Five Reasons to Choose an IB Diploma for your Children

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years about our current education system – what’s right, what’s relevant, whether the current focus on academic subjects over real-life skills is productive.

If you question the relevance of the everyday school system for your kids, you might want to think about encouraging them to look into the International Baccalaureate diploma preparation course.

This programme is a new kind of educational programme. There are 900,000 students worldwide in 140 countries. Here are a few things that make IB schools stand out from the rest and may be the best possible direction for your children’s education.

A growing reputation

First and foremost, the International Baccalaureate has built up a solid reputation in the thirty five years since it was founded. During this time it has perfected its programme, taking a little bit here and there from all of the different countries it works in. Therefore, unlike the standard school curriculum, it adapts with the needs of children across the world.

This reputation is spreading, and all leading universities now recognise this qualification when considering applicants.

Thinking Internationally

Another advantage of working across so many different languages and cultures is the programme itself is not nationally, but internationally focused. This promotes a greater understanding of the world as a whole rather than focusing on one country alone – an essential grounding for the 21st century world of work.

All students of an IC School are expected to learn a second language.

Diversity and Accessibility

Wherever you are, there will be a programme close to you. The IB operates over a wide variety of different schools – national, international, public, private – and all over the world. More than 50 per cent of IB students are actually state educated.

Getting the Balance Right

Playing the violin

Instead of other programmes such as A-Levels – which give students a free choice of any subjects – the IB diploma makes sure its students have a grounding in all vital areas. Students can choose one subject out of each group of five options. There are six groups in total, including languages, social studies and mathematics.

Moving Beyond the Classroom

Cooking class

The IB diploma has the further advantage of moving learning beyond the classroom into the world of work. Students are encouraged to build their skills with real tasks and community service, preparing them more thoroughly for their working lives than traditional academic routes. This will also look very attractive to a prospective university.

These are just five of the many advantages of an IB diploma. Learning life skills, moving outside the classroom, thinking on an international level and having a mixed array of subjects will stand your children in good stead for their future live. And it’s certainly a great way to stand out from the crowd when clammering for a place at university.

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