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The Lazy Way to Get Organised

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Being disorganised is can be frustrating and unproductive. A small amount of organisation can go a long way and help many different aspects of your life. If you are a self-confessed lazy person, you will need a little bit more help when it comes to organising yourself. In this article we look to help the lazy person in you become more organised.


Use a calendar and make lists

Making lists and keeping things jotted down in a calendar will stop you forgetting your plan for the next hour, day, week, month and year. The lazy and often more beneficial way of doing this would be electronically through your laptop or smartphone.

Lists are great to discipline yourself to do things during a specific period of time. For example, if you feel that you are generally unproductive you can make a list of five or ten productive tasks to do during a day. Upon completing the list you will feel as if you have really achieved something with your day. Items on the list can be anything from taking the bin out to writing 1,000 words of your novel.

Calendars are incredibly easy to operate on your phone and PC, so instead of writing things down physically, you can simply store it electronically. The great thing about calendars, such as Google Calendars, is that you can access the same calendars from a number of devices. So if you update your phone with a coffee date or business meeting, it will show up on your home laptop, smartphone and work PC all at once.

Office box

Clean and tidy your space

Whether it is your desk at work, your bedroom, kitchen, living at home, or the documents and apps on your laptop or PC, cleaning and tidying is one of the best ways to get organised. Although the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ is a bit of a cliché, there is certainly plenty of truth in it.

One way to clean and tidy for lazy people is to delegate tasks to others, which will make a task become complete much quicker. If you have children, you can make the cleaning and tidying into a game. Or you could look through your phone and find some friends that owe you a favour and get them to come round and help, with pizza and wine as bait.

Drawers with labels

Label and organise

Using labels is a great way of organising your belongings and documents. If you live in a small house, flat or studio apartment, you a likely to find storage an issue. To combat this you are likely to have boxes and other containers to keep your possessions. If you have a lot of storage that looks the same then what better way of organising than getting some labels?

One way of doing this would be to physically write out on sticky labels everything that you want. But if you are feeling particularly lazy then you could get someone else to do it for you.  A website where you can buy a number of different labelling products, such as sheet label and barcode designs, is South East Labels.

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