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"Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own" by Carol Burnett

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doug --- off the record

Yesterday, @banana29 shared with me a post listing 22 Top Blogging Tools.  I was intrigued with the title and impressed with the list of tools.  I actually use some of them for my own writing.  As I was reading, I was impressed with the level of sophistication in the use of the tools.

I know that some people use various tools and it can be frustrating at times to see the sort of superficial use that is sometimes demonstrated.  You just hope that it gets better with time or that there is a use in the classroom or professional learning that just happens to elude you at the moment.  Perhaps one of the most use/abused of these tools is the humble Wordle.  I’ve seen really silly uses for it and I’ve seen it used incredibly well in the hands of a skilled language teacher.

As I was reflecting on…

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I've grown up with a passion for writing that has matured through my life. Everyday is a learning curve; I'm open-minded and willing to try new techniques & styles. Nowadays I enjoy blogging and helping others learn more- there's nothing more rewarding than passing on knowledge.

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